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Ana Rodríguez Granell

Arts and Humanities Department UOC
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Presentem el segon volum d'Artnodes, en la seva nova etapa dedicada als nous materialismes. D'aquesta manera continuem recollint els treballs que es van presentar, o que es podien presentar, en el congrés que es va fer ara fa gairebé un any a Barcelona amb el títol «Art Matters» i que va donar lloc al primer volum de 2015, ja publicat.
How to Cite: Rodríguez Granell, A., 2015. Editorial. Artnodes, (16), p.None. DOI:
  Publicat a 21 Dec 2015
artnodes v01i16 | Editorial [en]EDITORIALEditorialWe are pleased to present the second volume of Artnodes in its new stage dedicated to new materialisms. In doing so, we continue to bring together the articles that were or could have been present at the congress held almost a year ago in Barcelona entitled Art Matters, from which the first volume originated, already published in 2015. We are extremely satisfied with the collection of research published here today and we hope that they act as a small sample of the variety and interest generated by the diverse and fruitful works on theoretical, methodological and historical links between art and science presented in this edition, which highlight how forms of organization, infrastructural issues and cultural and symbolic traditions affect our own historical visions and interpretations and the processes involved therein. As such, here we find extremely necessary introductions to the various methodological innovations that pervade artistic research and practices nowadays.Ana Rodíguez GranellProfessor of Art Studies and Humanities at the UOCExecutive Director of Artnodes<><>
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